Strategic loans


Limited liability companies under Luxembourg law whose main place of business is in the Grand-Duchy.


To promote, with overall economic benefit in mind, the creation, extension, conversion, reorientation and rationalisation of industrial, craft and commercial enterprises.

Fixing of loan amounts

Amounts are fixed on a case-by-case basis by the SNCI's Board of Directors and require approval by the Ministers of Finance and of the Economy.


The duration of loans depends on the financing plan and is, in principle, restricted to a maximum of ten years.


In principle, the return is identical to the one of the shareholders or partners of the recipient enterprise, with however a contractually fixed minimum.


Repayments are made following a redemption plan recorded in the contract. Provision may be made in the redemption schedule for a forbearance period for repayment of the capital, depending on the particular circumstances of the recipient enterprise.


Beneficiaries may be required to provide tangible and/or personal guarantees.


Applications are submitted directly to the SNCI by the applicant enterprise.