Special Anti-Crisis Construction Financing

The Indirect Development Crisis Loan for the sector of construction - structural work - technical equipment - completion is granted through SNCI's partner banks that have signed the Indirect Development Loan General Terms and Conditions and the Indirect Development Crisis Loan Special Terms and Conditions.


SMEs and large companies whose activities are directly related to the sector of construction - structural work - technical equipment - finishing, which are soundly managed, which have not previously been in financial difficulties, which have a valid establishment permit from the Ministry of Economy and which are facing temporary financial difficulties as a result of exceptional financing requirements caused by the crisis situation in the sector, are eligible for assistance in the form of a Special Anti-Crisis Loan.

Companies or groups of companies directly or indirectly involved in property development and estate agents are not eligible.

Eligible basis

Exceptional financing needs caused by the crisis in the sector are eligible. It is up to the Intermediary Bank to carry out the necessary analysis to verify and document the eligibility of the company and to verify and define the exceptional financing needs which will then be the subject of its application for an Indirect Development Anti-Crisis Loan from the SNCI and which it is willing to co-finance together with SNCI.

Amount of the loan

The amount of financing is determined on the basis of an analysis of the company's financial situation.

The SNCI's share may reach up to 80% of the exceptional financing requirement, provided that the Bank finances the residual amount of the exceptional financing requirement (i.e. at least a 20% share).


The maximum repayment period, including any grace period, may not exceed 5 years.

The grace period for capital repayments may not exceed 2 years.

The term of each loan, including the grace period, is fixed in relation to each loan application by mutual agreement between the Intermediary Bank and the SNCI, on the basis of a proposal from the Bank resulting from its analysis.

Interest rate

The interest rate shall be a fixed rate which is set and regularly reviewed by the SNCI in the light of market developments.

Alternatively, and at its own discretion, the SNCI may gear the rate applicable to a loan to that applied by the Intermediary Bank for its part of the financing in the case of exceptional financing requirements.



The SNCI benefits from the same guarantees as those granted to cover the Intermediary Bank's share.


Disbursement is made at the written request of the Intermediary Bank.


Repayment is by constant quarterly amortization. Early repayment may be made without penalty.

Alternatively, for loans with a term not exceeding 24 months, the capital may be repaid in a single capital repayment at the end of the contract. Interest is always payable quarterly.


Application for an Indirect Development Crisis Loan is made to the SNCI through a Bank that has signed the Indirect Development Loan General Conditions and the Special Conditions governing Special Crisis Financing. Application deadline is 30 June 2024.

Intermediary banks

The intermediary banks which may submit applications to the SNCI on behalf of their clients are Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Banque de Luxembourg S.A., Banque Internationale à Luxembourg S.A., Banque Raiffeisen S.C., BGL BNP Paribas S.A., ING Luxembourg S.A. and Société Générale Luxembourg S.A..